chapter  5
Damon being asked a reason for Loveing.
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Phillis, you ask me why I do persue, And Court no other Nymph but you; And why with eyes, sighes, I do betray, A passion which I dare not say: 5 His cause I love, and if you ask me why, With womens answers, I must reply. You ask me what Arguments I have to prove That my unrest proceeds from Love: You’l not believe my passion till I show, 10 A better reason why tis so; Then Phillis let this reason serve for one, I know I love, because my reasons gon. You say a love like mine must needs declare, The object so belov’d, not fair; 15 That neither witt nor beauty in her dwell, Whose lover can no reason tell: Why ’tis he does adore, or why he burns; Phillis, let them give such that have returnes: For by the self same reason, which you use, 20 Damon might justly, you accuse: Why do you scorn and with a proud disdain, Receive the Vowes, but slight the Swain; You say you cannot love, yet know no cause, May I not prove my love, by your own Lawes, 25 Am I not youthful, and as gay a Swain, As ere appear’d upon the Plain: Have I not courted you withal t’adress, An amourous Shepheard could profess; To add to this, my Flocks and Heards, are great, 30 Yet this will scarce my happyness compleat. 11 Thus you no reason for your coldness give, And tis but just, you should believe; That all your beauty unadorn’d by art, Have hurt, and not oblig’d my heart. 35 Be kind to that, return my passion too, And I’le give reason why I love you so.