chapter  89
A SONG in Dialogue.
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A SONG in Dialogue. She[pherd]. Silvi[a], when will you be kind, Ah, Silvi[a], when will you be kind. Sil. When Constancy in Swains I find, Ah, when Constancy in Swains I find. She. Ah my Silvia, you’re too Fair, 5 E’er to give me cause to change, Ah! do not let me then despair, For my Heart’s not given to range. Sil. Men will Sigh, Protest, and Weep, Ah! what a coyle with love you’ll keep, 10 Till our Blushes you o’er-come: Ah! till the blessing you have won, Which, having once obtain’d, you fly: Or if, by chance, you linger on, Can see us Sigh, can see us Dye, 15 And Triumph when we are undone. She. Oh! may my Flocks forget to feed, And Wolves into my Sheepfold break: May Heaven forget me in my need, And thou disdain me when I speak, 20 If ever I thy Love betray, Or with false Vows thy faith repay. Sil. Then take my hand, which ne’er to Swain Was render’d, on the score of Love: But, oh! I give it you with pain, 25 For fear you shou’d Inconstant prove.