chapter  92
VERSES design’d by Mrs. A. Behn, to be sent to a fair Lady, that desir’d she would absent herself, to cure her Love. Left unfinish’d.
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In vain to Woods and Deserts I retire, To shun the lovely Charmer I admire, Where the soft Breezes do but fann my Fire! In vain in Grotto’s dark unseen I lie, 5 Love pierces where the Sun could never spy. No place, no Art his Godhead can exclude, The Dear Distemper reigns in Solitude: Distance, alas, contributes to my Grief; No more, of what fond Lovers call, Relief 10 Than to the wounded Hind does sudden Flight From the chast Goddesses pursuing Sight: When in the Heart the fatal Shaft remains, And darts the Venom through our bleeding Veins. If I resolve no longer to submit 15 My self a wretched Conquest to your Wit, More swift than fleeting Shades, ten thousand Charms From your bright Eyes that Rebel Thought disarms: The more I strugl’d, to my Grief I found My self in Cupid’s Chains more surely bound: 20 Like Birds in Nets, the more I strive, I find My self the faster in the Snare confin’d.