chapter  97
To Mrs. Price.
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The peaceful Place where gladly I resort, Is freed from noisy Factions of the Court: There joy’d with viewing o’er the rural Scene, Pleas’d with the Meadows ever green, 5 The Woods and Groves with tuneful Anger move, And nought is heard, but gentle Sighs of Love: The Nymphs and Swains for rural Sports prepare, And each kind Youth diverts his smiling Fair. But if by Chance is found a flinty Maid, 10 Whose cruel Eyes has Shepherds Hearts betray’d, In other Climes a Refuge she must find, Banish’d from hence Society of Kind. Here gentle Isis, with a Bridegroom’s Haste, Glides to o’ertake the Thame, as fair, as chaste; 15 Then mixt, embracing, they together flie; They Live together, and together Die. Here ev’ry Object adds to our Delight, Calm is our Day, and peaceful is our Night. Then, kind Æmilia, flie that hated Town, 20 Where’s not a Moment thou canst call thy own: Haste for to meet a Happiness divine, And share the Pleasures I count only mine.