chapter  14
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Body Composition and Public Safety The Industrial Athlete

WithPaul O. Davis, Mark G. Abel

This chapter explores a variety of body composition topics with regard to law enforcement officers (LEO) and firefighters, including the relationship between body composition versus health outcomes, occupational performance, and risk of injury. Exercise training is one strategy to enhance body composition, physical fitness, and occupational performance among LEO. Body composition is associated with simulated fire-ground performance in firefighters. Body composition has substantial implications regarding the health, performance, and safety of industrial athletes. It is important that the industrial athlete achieves and maintains an appropriate body composition to optimize these outcomes and enhance career longevity and post-career quality of life. The potential problem of adverse consequences of poor body composition and fitness on public safety performance begins at the point of hire. The chapter concludes with a description of factors that influence the body composition of industrial athletes and a discussion of strategies to manage body composition.