chapter  5
22 Pages

Conflict and the role of development actors

ByPaul Jackson, Danielle Beswick

This chapter focuses on how development actors have attempted to adapt and redefine their roles in regions of conflict and insecurity in the developing world. It interrogates the 'do no harm' principle and looks at the role played by aid workers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), bilateral donors and international organisations in such regions. The chapter focuses on the politics of development actors and how people 'doing development' operate in conflict and post-conflict areas, it is useful to first consider at what points development actors can have the most impact. Modernisation theory is closely associated with the work of Walt William Rostow and formed the most influential school of thought in development during the immediate post-war period. Humanitarian aid is closely associated with complex emergencies. It alleviates the suffering of populations which have been displaced or otherwise affected by conflict or natural disaster such as drought or tsunami.