chapter  6
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International intervention and peacekeeping

ByPaul Jackson, Danielle Beswick

This chapter presents an overview of some of the different ways in which international actors try to prevent and manage conflict in developing countries, including through preventive diplomacy, the use of fact-finding missions and mediation. It considers peacekeeping missions in more detail, including the development of peacekeeping, or even peace enforcement, missions and their impacts on development and security. Many different mechanisms and approaches have been used by international actors to try to prevent disputes from escalating to violent conflict. Several of these approaches may be pursued in tandem where they are considered to be complementary in the search for peace. The conflict environments in which United Nations peacekeepers find themselves have changed considerably since the organisation's establishment, especially since the end of the Cold War and the turn of the millennium. The UN peacekeeping function has also been used as a way of legitimising interventions undertaken by other organisations.