chapter  8
17 Pages

Privatisation of security

ByPaul Jackson, Danielle Beswick

This chapter considers where privatised security fits, and explores how private military companies (PMCs) and private security companies (PSCs) have been involved in both security and development-related activities in developing states, using examples from Iraq, Afghanistan, Liberia and Sierra Leone, amongst others. It analyses the debates around whether they help or hinder development and security, focusing on issues of regulation, oversight and accountability. The chapter discusses the US policy using the Department of Defense as a means to bring about development. It focuses on Iraq as an example of military-led development, but also on the United States Africa Command as an organisational solution to improving the security situation across Africa. Private companies involved in the security sector can be nominally subdivided into PSCs and PMCs. The former usually provide a range of services, including risk analysis and close protection for individuals and strategically important locations.