chapter  1
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Sleazy politicians and celebrities

ByDavid Pilgrim

This chapter traces the political history of the ongoing Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in England and Wales. The very idea that politicians might sexually abuse children may be shocking. However, in the light of the points the chapter explores about abusers being spread across the whole of society, we should not be surprised at all. Politicians are no exception to the rule of the dispersed character of CSA in modern societies. The Metropolitan Police launches the Operation Fairbank to investigate historical accusations about CSA at the hands of those in the 'British Establishment'. The context of political concern about CSA in recent years in Britain was also reinforced by scandals in light entertainment, especially at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Shortly after Jimmy Savile death BBC's Newsnight interviewed women who had been children in the care of Duncroft Approved School and at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and who were reporting sexual offences against them by Savile.