chapter  3
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There’s no place like home?

ByDavid Pilgrim

This chapter deals with gaps and continuities in mind. The gap between desire and action and the gap between shame and guilt are important to consider about Child Sexual Abuse. The continuities to reflect on include the fuzzy boundary between family life and non-family life, as well our shared tendency to have a range of antisocial thoughts and feelings. The chapter describes the people inside and outside family settings desist from or succumb to their sexual desires for children. The specific transcultural and trans-historical curio about the incest taboo, soon invites our wider interest in the economic and political aspects of the sexual exploitation of young people and children. The intra-familial sexual relationships are such a variegated mix that the 'incest taboo' is indeed a blanket mystery. If home life is not always safe for children, despite our idealised cultural image of that core of our social system, then it is not the only culprit.