chapter  5
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The Trojan HorseWorking with children

ByDavid Pilgrim

This chapter explores the wide range of settings in which those entrusted to care for children sexually exploit them. It presents some case studies, which exemplifies how sports settings are an important part of the ecological understanding of how the sexual exploitation of children emerges. It talks about the risks posed to children in education and looks at a different institution, where power over them has been celebrated. Music teaching is a subsystem of schooling that is a particular site of risk. Many of the characteristics that make music teaching a site of risk for talented youngsters also apply to sports coaching. The environment of classical music teaching is more middle and upper class than lower class, both in its origins and its current character. This creates an atmosphere of presumed power and exceptionalism. The chapter also presents some fundamental ethical and emotive questions for all adults about their relationship to children.