chapter  II
WithBarthold A. Butenschøn
Pages 16

The subject of the reintroduction of Bimetallism is again under discussion, it is essential to avoid the mistakes attached to earlier bimetallic systems, and to find a form which satisfactorily meets the demands imposed upon a modern monetary system. By using an alloy of gold and silver as a basis for the monetary unit, many of the difficulties with which orthodox Bimetallism had to contend would, without doubt, be removed. A system whereby gold and silver combine to create a standard of value and circulating medium is called a Symmetallic system. The consequent pouring in of gold to the industrial market will naturally involve an increasing tendency to lower the market price to the amount per weight unit which can be obtained from the Banks. In order to elucidate the fundamental features of Symmetallism, it will be practical to make use of some mathematical symbols.