chapter  VIII
The Transition To A Symmetallic Standard
WithBarthold A. Butenschøn
Pages 15

This chapter proposes that the silver countries also should change over to a Pseudo-Symmetallic system with the prospect of a later transition to Symmetallism proper. The Banks will change over from Pseudo-Symmetallism to Symmetallism proper, a change which, like any change of the quantity relation, may be carried out through a "compensatory alteration" without any effects on the prices of gold and silver or other complications. As a preliminary step, the Banks which have left the Gold Standard would have to go back to this standard at monetary equivalents harmonizing with the present national and international conditions. If, on the other hand, previous gold-using countries have changed over to Pseudo-Symmetallism or Symmetallism proper, purchases of gold by the silver-using countries could be compensated by increased purchases of silver by the gold Symmetallic countries, and no increased scarcity of monetary metals would arise in the latter countries.