chapter  Chapter 1
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Democratizing Entrepreneurship

WithAlam Mashhood

This chapter presents the two perspectives with the basic point of view that technology should be considered as a tool to augment human abilities, as famously quipped by Doug Engelbart, the great thought leader in the computing world. It provides a structured framework that anyone can use to transform their idea into a business by using principles of Design Thinking, agile development and lean start-up combined in an easy manner. Having experienced both the sides – the intuitive and the rational – this chapter connects the human-centered, design-thinking concepts with business and technology concepts. Before Design Thinking became mainstream for evaluating any business proposition, the two most important aspects that were taken into account traditionally by business executives were: viability; and feasibility. The key aspect of Design Thinking is its bias toward action. Instead of talking about the concept to death, building a prototype is required.