chapter  1
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Increasing headwinds

ByTim Lindsey

Business leaders and members of the media that report and forecast business performance regularly talk in terms of "headwinds" whenever significant challenges emerge. Typically, the term "headwinds" is used as a metaphor to describe factors that are perceived to be beyond one's control. A special type of headwind has emerged in the past few decades that is not going away. These headwinds can be relentless and will punish organizations that try to tackle them head on. Constraint headwinds have grown in magnitude and intensity during the past several decades and they are frequently a primary contributor to the aforementioned conventional headwinds because they can affect everything from regulatory policies to the cost of commodities. Many businesses and, in some cases, entire sectors are now facing constraint headwinds that jeopardize their future existence altogether because their management choices have increasingly led to these undesirable actions and outcomes.