chapter  13
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Sustainability principle #4: Restore value

ByTim Lindsey

The investment required to restore the value of resources can be quite significant but, when done well, can produce multiple economic, environmental, and social dividends that are well worth the investment. Restoration initiatives and projects can range from restoring the health of an individual person to restoring the quality of life in a neighborhood to restoring lands. To actually restore their health, morbidly obese individuals have to cease their destructive behavior and engage in more constructive habits and activities. For a morbidly obese person, excessive consumption and inactivity lead to health degradation and a progressive decline in their quality of life. Nowhere is the need for value restoration more evident than in the world's degraded lands problem. The US Bureau of Justice estimates that about 1.6 million prisoners are incarcerated in the USA. It is imperative that society finds more effective ways to rehabilitate incarcerated people so they can become valuable members of society.