chapter  14
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A call for leadership

ByTim Lindsey

Change involves risk, and accepting risk requires leadership. A leadership crisis exists throughout the world today with respect to effectively dealing with constraint headwinds. In the private sector, many organizations have systematically worked to discourage leadership by focusing on the management of current assets and future risks instead of innovation that can create breakthrough improvements. Using sustainability principles to guide an organization's strategy represents a disruptive change for many organizations. Many people can find problems, some can find solutions, but few have the courage to drive change. Employees need a safe place to fail if we want them to take the risks that come with innovation and true leadership. Unfortunately, most of today's performance evaluation systems are structured to penalize failure and disruption while rewarding employees who do not make mistakes and stay clear of controversy. One of the primary reasons that leadership is deficient in today's world is the uncertainty regarding near-term economic, environmental, and social conditions.