chapter  8
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Sustainable innovation

ByTim Lindsey

For many people, sustainability is a philosophy that envisions a more enduring and equitable way of life. The term can have an almost spiritual meaning for some individuals and can evoke considerable emotion and passion. Innovation is the process of introducing and implementing new ideas, methods, or devices. In response to growing demands for more sustainable processes and products, a new class of innovations is emerging. In addition to being an innovative way of doing business, sustainability is also a cluster of individual innovations that include ideas, methods, software, devices, machines, materials, chemicals, and energy sources. Taking steps to improve and balance an organization's economic, environmental, and social performance can be disruptive and challenging for many organizations. As an innovative business strategy, sustainability tends to present challenges for many organizations with respect to its compatibility and complexity characteristics. Some sustainability issues tend to be extremely complex due to their technical, social, and political nature.