chapter  10
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Stranger Upon Earth

Let me first state the background to my comments-my personal view. Man has spread more widely over the world than any other mammal and has reacted to a great variety of environments. The Eskimo has evolved physically into a type very different from the Nilotic. What is more, systems of law and custom, sets of values and morality have also evolved on different lines. Each people has thought its own system of evolved morality ‘natural’, while innovations and the systems of foreigners are ‘unnatural’. So long as the physical obstacles to communication persisted, each could continue in this belief. If any Gulliver reached their shores, he must assimilate or perish, but as communications improved, peoples were brought in contact who had previously no knowledge of each other and were often horrified at what they found. The extreme example is the meeting of Cortes and his Spaniards with the Aztecs. The Aztecs thought it a meritorious act to tear out the hearts of large numbers of human beings to propitiate the forces of nature; the Spaniards thought this wicked and unnatural.