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This volume is about the experiences of non-white intellectuals1 resident in Britain. Each contributor was invited to reflect on his life in England and on the problems he has encountered. Each of them, born and raised outside Britain, was asked to articulate and analyse the tensions generated by the conflict between his own native culture and that dominant in Britain, and the ways in which and the degree to which he has coped with them. He was invited too to comment on British life and society, to elucidate what struck him as their distinctive characteristics, and to analyse the extent to which he felt sympathetic to them. As the reader will see, each contributor discusses these and other cognate questions in his own way, and expresses concerns which are unique to him. Collectively they represent a wide variety of views. Some clearly love England and feel at home here, while others find life here an agony; of the latter, some are interested in resolving inevitable existential con­ flicts at a personal level, whereas others see the problem as essen­ tially racial and political in nature. This should be enough to show that immigrants do not constitute a solid and cohesive group thinking and feeling alike on the issues affecting their life.