chapter  Chapter 5
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The Multiple Self-States Drawing Technique Procedure

WithSusan C. Parente

The MSSDT incorporates the expanded notion of multiple self-states in a procedure and inherently therapeutic process for child and adolescent patients. A description of materials needed and step-by-step directions and guidelines for engaging with the child or teen throughout the drawing and inquiry phases are contained in this chapter. In brief, the procedure entails having the young patient focus on, conceptualize, label, and then draw two separate self-portrait figures. One portrait represents the “positive” or regulated self-state (e.g., “My Happy Self”), while the second represents the clinically “problematic” or dysregulated self-state (e.g., “My Angry Self”). Elaborations of the accompanying thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations experienced within each self-state are elicited utilizing a specific Inquiry Protocol. The boxed sections on Clarifying Perspectives discuss component features of the process to enhance the clinician’s understandings. As well, an optimal psychotherapeutic stance is offered for the clinician to adopt while engaging in the MSSDT with child and adolescent participants.