chapter  7
Consolidation of the new regime
Anti-Chinese violence and purge of Aceh’s civil service
WithJess Melvin
Pages 48

Chapter 7 documents violence against Aceh’s Chinese community during the time of the genocide and records the purge of Aceh’s civil service. It shows race-based violence did occur during the time of the genocide. It also shows the different ways in which Aceh’s pro-Beijing (pro-PKI) and pro-Kuomintang (pro-military) Chinese communities were initially treated by the military, before indiscriminate violence by the military’s civilian proxies resulted in the general targeting of Aceh’s Chinese community. The chapter additionally demonstrates how Aceh’s civil service was subject to a systematic purge campaign. This purge was conducted in order for the new military regime to “cleanse” and preserve the structures of the Indonesian state for its own use – a “perfected” government that would become known as the New Order regime.