chapter  2
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Seeing the Benefits and Interpreting Them to Colleagues: Some Case Studies

WithDustin Benton, Jonny Hazell, Julie Hill

This chapter some reasons for exploring more 'circular' approaches that one might deploy in discussion with colleagues: Economic resilience as a reason can be seen in companies such as unilever and British Telecom. New business opportunities are seen in the development of new recycling technologies, the growing number of companies looking at leasing models for appliances and clothes, and development of companies offering the right kind of analysis and assurance of recovered products and materials. Innovation stimulus is clear for companies involved in bio-economy, novel forms of re-use, modular design and design for disassembly. Risk avoidance is crucial for supply chains that may raise reputational issues or have high embedded carbon and be vulnerable to carbon pricing, or rely on supply chains involving countries economically vulnerable to climate change impacts or niche materials. Circular thinking is a natural extension of the CSR agenda, evidenced by companies such as the John Lewis Partnership.