chapter  5
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Making Best Use of the Brokering Organisations

WithDustin Benton, Jonny Hazell, Julie Hill

In the UK, the closest to a circular economy 'one-stop-shop' is the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP). This chapter mentions a list of other key UK-based organisations. WRAP provides support on food waste reduction, market situation reports for key materials, voluntary responsibility initiatives such as the Courtauld Commitment, research fora, such as the Product Sustainability Forum, and loans to support waste prevention initiatives. The Great Recovery provides explanations of the principles of designing for the circular economy, 'Tear down' events to demonstrate how everyday items can be better designed for recovery, and networking events. Ellen MacArthur Foundation provides cutting-edge materials for inspiration and education, conferences and seminars, and networking for like-minded Chief Executives and leaders. The Resource Association provides trade association for resources industry, including those collecting materials and those reprocessing them, advocacy on behalf those in resources industries, and collaborative working with like-minded bodies.