chapter  2
Elements of the Theory: The Lego Set of Gamification
WithPaula Owen
Pages 20

This chapter discusses the various gamification 'Lego' bricks. It explores the building blocks of how it can be constructed. The chapter provides a few basic definitions of common terms used in gamification theory, such as social games, games mechanics, and game design. Social games are, at their simplest, games that are played with other people. Modern manifestations of social games are known as social network games, in other words, games that are typically played online through a social networking site. Game mechanics at their simplest are the 'rules and tools of engagement'. The various mechanics of the game can interact with each other to develop the level of complexity, and dictate the level of engagement of the players themselves. The elements of game design are the true building blocks of a game, and they come together to form the gameplay and the mechanics/rules and give any particular game its unique character and feel.