chapter  3
Gamification for Sustainability: Can 'Fun and Games' Really Save the Planet?
WithPaula Owen
Pages 6

This chapter explores what potential gamification might have to re-invigorate the rather moribund debate in the environmental and sustainability sector about how to motivate, inspire and change habits and behaviours in mainstream society. Various methods of behaviour change intervention have so far had limited success in motivating wider society into taking positive environmental actions. Gamification is still a new concept; it has been adopted by some forward thinkers in sustainability space and tested through a range of applications. To date these have tended to concentrate on the home and individual, such as, educating people to use less energy, recycle more, drive more efficiently and even to not throw rubbish and inappropriate objects down the toilet. Giving people the sense that they are not in it alone is important. That their individual effort, albeit tiny in isolation, does actually make a significant impact is enough to dissipate the inertia and helplessness of the individual and turn them into a competitive 'eco-warrior'.