chapter  4
Eco-Gamification in Business: How is it Playing Out?
WithPaula Owen
Pages 11

Ecosystem is implemented in larger office environments and works over the internet using social network principles. This chapter provides a list of examples of environmentally focused games and gamification applications. A more systemic, holistic gamification application can be illustrated by studying the online game Mindbloom Life. Participating households also received general updates on the scheme every quarter alongside broader hints and tips on living a more sustainable lifestyle. The council partnered with the ethical eco-living company Green Rewards to trial a pilot scheme that had a goal of improving recycling rates across the borough. Cloudapps' SuMo product claims to be bringing an average 9" reduction in annual travel costs to their customers as well as aligning staff to the company's sustainability vision and goals in a more engaging and satisfying way. A workshop was held to identify what the staff thought would be useful to concentrate on and that would reduce costs, waste and increase performance.