chapter  5
Conclusion: Are You Game?
WithPaula Owen
Pages 8

This chapter focuses on how companies could potentially use the concept and techniques to create their own gamified projects. The first step in how to play the game is to have a clearly defined brief of what people want it to achieve. The goal could be large and organisation-wide. For example, the UK government, through its 'Greening Government' project, requires all non-governmental public bodies (NGPBs) to reduce their carbon footprint by 25", reduce waste to landfill by 25", and reduce business-related transport by 15", all by 2015. Accenture, in a recent report on gamification and behaviour change, describe the views of critics that argue the representation of gamification as it currently stands is too simplistic, too narrow a focus on what gamification can be and too 'narrow an ambition regarding what use of games can achieve'. Interestingly however, the tone of this backlash, at least as described by the Accenture report, is not rubbishing the concept of gamification itself.