chapter  4
32 Pages

SSM Resource Assessment

ByJean Garner Stead, W. Edward Stead

This chapter focuses on the interface between the firm's strategy and its internal resources. It examines the coevolutionary process of resource assessment in sustainable strategic management (SSM) that entails profiling the resources and capabilities of the firm using the open-system value chain as the basic framework, evaluating resources using internal and external data, and determining which resources or capabilities could be core competencies and potential competitive advantages for the firm. The SSM resource assessment process takes place at the functional levels of the firm across the firm's open-system value chain. The process of SSM resource assessment includes: an audit of the firm's resources and capabilities utilizing various data-gathering processes; a thorough analysis and evaluation of the firm's resources and capabilities; and a determination of the firm's core competencies, the cornerstones on which the firm builds its competitive strategies. Stakeholder analysis provides additional data on stakeholder impacts and thus a greater understanding of the organization's footprint.