chapter  8
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Organizational Governance and Strategic Leadership in SSM

ByJean Garner Stead, W. Edward Stead

This chapter focuses on organizational governance and strategic leadership in this age of sustainability. To effectively implement Sustainable Strategic Management (SSM) in modern business organizations, strategic managers will need two key elements. First of all, they will need effective organizational governance mechanisms in place that will support the alignment of the triple-bottom-line goals of the organization with the interests of organizational stakeholders. It also involves establishing a strategic evaluation and control system, executive review and compensation system, board of directors, and organizational units that are all aligned with SSM goals. Strategic leadership skills are the second critical element for strategic managers working to implement SSM. SSM based business ecosystems is designed to provide organizations with opportunities to come together to do something for the planet and its people that they cannot do alone. Central to effective alliance management capability is building strong trusting relationships among ecosystem members.