chapter  6
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Why Is Sustainability Change So Slow?

WithIsabel Rimanoczy

Peter Russell reflects that the need to sustain and reaffirm our sense of identity is apparent in the roles we play, the groups we join, the beliefs we adopt, and it can be so intense that we "become exploiters of our surroundings, of other people, or even of our own bodies." We, as a society, are collectively geared towards progress, growth, expansion, prosperity, and improvement in our standard of living. Corporations set annual growth targets, and develop strategies to achieve them. Mankind has been intent on altering the balance of Nature, and we now are experiencing the consequences of what ecologists call our "species arrogance" – specifically, our illusion of control. Knowledge and speed are connected. Prompted by the Industrial Revolution, mechanical innovations were occurring at an ever faster pace. With speed there comes stress, and that deprives us of the profound experience of conscious living.