chapter  7
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WithIsabel Rimanoczy

It is difficult to imagine our life without the benefits that science and technology bring to us. Techno-optimists consider that human ingenuity and creativity can handle any challenge, and that in this lies the solution for the problems we currently face. The reliance on mathematics as an abstracting tool meant that science could only deal with what is measurable, quantifiable, and numerical – which created an oversimplified and fragmented approach to reality. Media has become the circulatory system of planetary knowledge. Media connect us, transforming the meaning of distance and location. Media creates a perception of reality, simply by repetition in one medium, or by portraying same perspective in a variety of media. Globalization began over five hundred years ago, reflects Paul Hawken in his book Blessed Unrest, when, realizing that the Earth was indeed round, Western Europeans started circling the globe to bring commercial ventures to wide-flung nations. Globalization has also brought about the export of the Western model.