chapter  8
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Redefine and Reshape

WithIsabel Rimanoczy

Several dearly held values of our culture conflict with sustainability, as we have seen. But the problem may not be growth, wealth, comfort, the media, or globalization, but the way we understand them, the way we practice and organize our lives around them. Making production more efficient sounds good – but restricting consumption and economic growth as C. Nair and others advocate is a difficult idea to swallow in a world that is built on the promise that economic expansion will ensure happiness for all. Extensive growth moves along "a horizontal plane on the surface of the planet," suggests Ervin Laszlo, founder and president of the Club of Budapest, an international think tank. Frugality is becoming a competitive advantage, says Bruce Piasecki, author of Doing More with Less: The New Way to Wealth. And it may not be so difficult to redefine comfort, after all.