chapter  9
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Develop Your Whole Brain

WithIsabel Rimanoczy

It is clear that we do not know on any day what that day will bring. Depending on our tolerance of uncertainty, we may feel more or less comfortable with that fact. Certainly relinquishing our need for control entails opening the doors to uncertainty, which can make us anxious, especially if we are caught in the belief that we can be "in control" of reality. Paying attention to our right brain takes practice. When we shut down our left brain's analytical processing of the world, which is the equivalent of pushing our thoughts aside during meditation, we stay in a receptive state to connect with whatever is, and this means both with the outside and the inside. The focus our left brain provides is definitely important because it allows us to study something in depth. Because the right brain is soft spoken, it's a "gut feel," an "impression," an inner voice that we ourselves are prone to disqualify in disbelief.