chapter  10
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An Opportunity to Evolve

WithIsabel Rimanoczy

Our market-driven civilization is both a product and a cause of this pervasive value, creating a circular loop that self-replicates. Receiving the messages of corporations, we are invited through advertising and sophisticated marketing campaigns to measure our imagined achievement through the objects we can purchase. In human society, partnership is democracy and personal accountability, with each single member of the community playing an important role and acknowledged as such. As members act with the other in mind, they can co-evolve, learn, and change. Feeling good is a good enough reason to evolve. Juliet Schor invites us to try out small changes that can give us more leisure time. Making time and taking time, we may not only discover that we live happier, but also evolve as human beings. Developmental psychologists affirm that in human development there is a progression from a self-centered, egotistic, either/or thinking, to an inclusive, cooperative, both/and thinking.