chapter  11
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It’s Personal, It’s People

WithIsabel Rimanoczy

The Axial Age was together with the Western scientific and technological transformation in the 16th century, one of the richest periods of "intellectual, psychological, philosophical, and religious change in recorded history." The Axial philosophers and prophets turned their eyes away from the world, and penetrated the interior world of the individual. It was something that had its origin in the personal realm, and then became manifest in interactions with others. Research has shown that people meditating together tend to move into collective patterns of synchronized brainwaves. This connects with what is called "phase lock" in chaos theory. Phase lock occurs in Nature when individual systems shift into an integrated resonance. Physicists have long been researching the behavior of matter and particles, and as early as the end of 1800, it was discovered that the supposedly indivisible atom had a variety of components, and these elementary particles were dissolving in energy.