chapter  1
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Sixteen Leaders

WithIsabel Rimanoczy

Carl is the founder and Chairman of a successful mid-size US multinational corporation in the floor treatment business. Evan is the Director of Quality in an organization in the apparel industry that advertises its commitment to environmental responsibility. His education is in botany and plant physiology, although it didn't lead him to become interested in environmental causes. Pam is a former executive in a multinational corporation in the apparel industry, where she had a successful career at the Director level in the area of product design. Robert has a degree in engineering and is in charge of plant operations at a large multinational pharmaceutical company. His sensitivity towards issues of social justice and community action originated in his childhood when he was a member of an economically challenged family with many siblings and a working mother. Craig is the youngest person interviewed, and he was recommended to the researcher by another interviewee, because of his exceptional spirit and initiative.