chapter  3
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Against the Odds

WithIsabel Rimanoczy

Leaders in their own particular way had learned about the planetary emergency, about the shortcomings of the industrialized world in taking care of natural resources, about educating our children, about protecting their health, about living happy and balanced lives and existing in peace with each other. All the leaders started on a journey in which they had to find their own answers and their own way. The leaders in the study searched out experiences they could replicate, copy, and learn from – but they couldn't find much guidance. Some of the leaders found that a successful strategy to inspire others was to face the audience, "forcing people to think about things", challenging their paradigms, or showing the flaws in the way we tend to understand the world. For most of these leaders, it became clear that if they wanted people to care and to take action, they had to create ownership of the challenge among others through participative engagement.