chapter  4
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The Dimension of Thinking

WithIsabel Rimanoczy

In analyzing his interviews, author found that the dimension of thinking presented two distinct categories, Innovative thinking and Systems thinking. There are also non-academic reports that cite numerous data about an association between the two aspects, innovation and creativity. We can find the need for innovative thinking also in the green building industry, where sustainability depends on invention and experimentation. Systems thinking was enriched by the theorists of the Gestalt school and the new science of ecology, which found that Nature operated as a dynamic, large, and complex system. The basic systems principles are interdependence, cyclical flow, long-term view, complexity, both/and thinking, and cooperation through partnership. Systems thinking seems to be a key road that leads to developing a sustainability mindset. Western thinking has evolved through fragmentation, a way of thinking that creates divisions and separateness. Understanding ecological interdependence means understanding relationships. It requires a shift of perception and thinking.