chapter  10
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Waste and environmental services

WithPhilip Monaghan

Each year we generate billions of tonnes of waste from households, government and industry with the majority of this ending up in landfill, where biodegradable waste generates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. We need to understand that different councils will of course have different duties and powers related to waste and environmental services. According to a report by WRAP on behalf of the UK Government, recycling is almost always the best way to get rid of waste. WRAP analysed different materials measured by four criteria: energy use, water, other resource use and greenhouse gas emissions. San Francisco became the first US city to pass a ban on non-recyclable plastic bags at major supermarkets. The online re-using revolution instigated by Freecycle and other similar initiatives should be welcomed and applauded as a way for residents to re-use unwanted items. There has been a spike of interest among councils about 'low-tech' alternatives to Freecycle.