chapter  11
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Fleet and logistics

WithPhilip Monaghan

This chapter begins with critical insights across three core areas of work: namely, employee commuting, business travel and public travel. Many councils will, find it highly convenient to allow staff to use their private vehicles for business travel—commonly known as the 'grey fleet'. There are several issues relating to grey fleet which require careful management. By switching from a grey fleet to a green fleet council might be able to save money and reduce emissions. Knowsley is ranked as one of the most deprived areas in the UK in terms of economic welfare and social cohesion but, despite these challenges, the borough has been recognised nationally for a number of key achievements, ranging from schooling to green spaces and kitchen food waste recycling. As we have seen from Knowsley and other councils, our role in integrated transport planning—road, rail, cycling and walking as well as spatial planning, industrial logistics and possible low-carbon trade zones—is vital to success.