chapter  14
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Reaffirming what is meant by excellence

WithPhilip Monaghan

As much as the cost-neutral opportunities can make a difference, one things is imperative: we must step up to the challenge and grasp this time with both hands. This may require a slow and gentle approach for some of the colleagues or radical culture shift for others, but what is for certain is that five 'golden rules' must be observed among leaders during austerity. Thus, in order to secure real change, people needs to understand how and when to engage, emote, empower or enforce. In essence, this describes a new paradigm for local government, what we can coin as green concentrate. By 'green concentrate' we mean: focused, cost-neutral interventions on sustainability during a time of reduced spending, made possible by freezing choices to enforce positive changes. The forward-thinking council of Vancouver has developed a 100-year plan for sustainability.