chapter  6
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Criteria for selection of interventions

WithPhilip Monaghan

Before intervening someone will need to draw up an interventions list. So, it is important to be clear what constitutes a helpful intervention. The most promising interventions will be in the top right-hand corner quadrant and the least helpful interventions will be in the bottom left-hand corner quadrant. By cost-neutral, here, we mean actions that either involve no additional financial outlay, or where any financial outlay is a net cost, as the investment is returned within a short payback period of five years or less, noting that money will be scarce during the credit crisis. Categories of interventions may range from policy development or a procurement shift to behaviour change. By comparison, some possible interventions did not make the grade, because they failed to meet one or more of the criteria. This does not mean such interventions are not helpful, but simply that they are beyond the scope of qualifying interventions.