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Additional resources

Social investment trade associations

A good starting point for general information about responsible investment is the websites of the social investment trade associations in various countries around the world. For North America, the two principle websites are those of the United States Social Investment Forum at and the Canadian Social Investment Organization at In Europe, Eurosif is an umbrella organisation for the various national European social investment fora. Its website links these SIFs as well as others around the world. See For background on RI in Asia, the Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia (ASrIA) is a good starting point. Its website ( provides, among other things, a database of the more than 400 RI funds in various countries in Asia. In addition, the Principles for Responsible Investment, in partnership with the UNEP Financial Initiative and the United Nations Global Compact, is a coalition of institutional investors and money managers committed to the concepts of responsible investment. Its website at www.