chapter  9
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Wake up and smell the coffee: Developing students' understanding of Fairtrade through experiential learning

Leeds University Business School Leeds, England, United Kingdom

This chapter presents a case study for the expansion and consolidation of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) in Leeds University Business School. It provides an overview of the challenge(s) faced in relation to mainstreaming responsible management, an explanation of the actions taken in relation to the challenge(s), information about the results and benefits of the actions taken, and some points regarding the role of PRME/sustainability principles to carry out the activity. The case study describes how a module in Volunteering and Enterprise at Leeds University Business School was used to provide students with real-life experience of the work of Fairtrade through developing and managing their own entrepreneurial projects. The role of PRME/sustainability principles provide students with opportunities to develop their potential to create sustainable value for business and society through experiential learning via real-life volunteering projects.