chapter  19
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Orienting the institution towards social debate

ESADE Business School Ramon Llull University Barcelona, Spain

This chapter presents a case study for the expansion and consolidation of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) in ESADE Business School. It provides an overview of the challenge(s) faced in relation to mainstreaming responsible management, an explanation of the actions taken in relation to the challenge(s), information about the results and benefits of the actions taken, and some points regarding the role of PRME/sustainability principles to carry out the activity. Social debate is one of ESADE’s missions. The institution aims to exercise its social influence in a responsible manner in order to contribute to public debate, act as a platform for the transfer of knowledge, and also to encourage and facilitate reflection and dialogue with and between stakeholders. In order to integrate ESADE’s social responsibility into the Institutional Strategic Plan, the Director General convened a task force made up of experienced ESADE managers and professors to reflect on this issue and draw up a Social Responsibility Master Plan.