chapter  21
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Levelling the playing field in the electric power transmission industry in Argentina

IAE Business School Universidad Austral Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This chapter presents a case study for the expansion and consolidation of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) in IAE Business School, Argentina. It provides an overview of the challenge(s) faced in relation to mainstreaming responsible management, an explanation of the actions taken in relation to the challenge(s), information about the results and benefits of the actions taken, and some points regarding the role of PRME/sustainability principles to carry out the activity. The Center for Governance and Transparency at IAE Business School in Argentina undertook the facilitator role in fostering the implementation of a collective action agreement among companies in the local electric power transmission industry in order to address integrity, regulatory, and competition problems. The Center for Governance and Transparency, in its role as facilitator, agreed to meet the signing members at least twice a year to review the Initiative’s progress and to discuss any developments arising from its execution or future changes.