chapter  24
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Forming local leaders: Expanding PRME performance in Brazil

ISAE/FGV Curitiba,Paraná,Brazil

This chapter presents a case study for the expansion and consolidation of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) in ISAE/FGV. It provides an overview of the challenge(s) faced in relation to mainstreaming responsible management, an explanation of the actions taken in relation to the challenge(s), information about the results and benefits of the actions taken, and some points regarding the role of PRME/sustainability principles to carry out the activity. The case study presents a strategy for expansion and consolidation of the PRME in Brazil, with the objective of strengthening the sustainability movement in the country by training local leaders and integrating the network as a whole. When taking up the challenge of participating in the creation of PRME in 2006, ISAE strengthened its actions in the area of education for sustainability, having this new scope as the main guide to its management.