chapter  6
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San Patrignano, Italy: Land of cheese, wine, and self-discovery

Babson College Babson Park, Massachusetts, United States

This chapter presents a case study for the expansion and consolidation of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) in Babson College, Massachusetts. It provides an overview of the challenge(s) faced in relation to mainstreaming responsible management, an explanation of the actions taken in relation to the challenge(s), information about the results and benefits of the actions taken, and some points regarding the role of PRME/sustainability principles to carry out the activity. Recommendations were presented to management as part of the overall sustainability of San Patrignano. San Patrignano, near Rimini, Italy, was created 35 years ago to help drug addicts recover. Staffs of San Patrignano are very dedicated to the mission of helping recovered drug users return to society. While management does not have skills such as budgeting, forecasting, marketing, distribution, etc., the MBA students were very impressed with their open and forthcoming responses to questions.