chapter  15
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The World Trade Organisation and Agenda 2000

ByHeinrich Wohlmeyer

The elaboration of the sphere of influence of the major players participating in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations make it sensible to discuss issues connecting the WTO and Agenda 2000. At the same time, it must be pointed out that the orientation and the instruments of European Union (EU) agricultural policy have not undergone basic changes as a result of Agenda 2000. The compromise found within the EU regarding Agenda 2000 was determined by several driving forces. These included, on the one hand, decreases in the internal budget and the upcoming EU expansion and, on the other hand, preparation for the 'Millennium Round' in the WTO. The chapter elaborates determination and control of EU agricultural policy by outside forces. Agricultural policy primarily have to concentrate on skimming off socially undesirable differential rent instead of providing emergency relief for survival and utilisation of surpluses.